Man City set an unbelievable victory record

Man City set an unbelievable victory record

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The green man then performed a destructive performance when he overcame Mochengladbach 2-0 in Germany, thanks to the goals of Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus.
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Lowering Borussia Monchengladbach 2-0 away, the green half of Manchester extended the impressive win streak.

In the first leg of the eighth round of the Champions League on the morning of February 25, Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus combined to help Man City beat host M’Gladbach 2-0. Manchester City are considered to have entered the quarterfinals after this success.

It helped teachers and students Pep Guardiola set an impressive record of glory, bringing 19 consecutive victories in all competitions. In particular, the club brings 12 bet169 joys on away field.

According to Statistics, the green half of Manchester developed into the first team in the Premier League to own the longest continuous away win streak on all fronts. The old record belongs to them with 11 consecutive away wins in 2017.

However, Thuckhuya TV Man City is also the first team to clear all four first away matches of a European Club Football Championship tournament since 2010/11. During this time, Pep's team only had to face 9 kicks and only allowed the opponent to own 13 touches of the ball in the goalkeeper penalty area.

This weekend, it is popular that the Green Man will next raise the height of the winning streak to Statistics 20, when he receives his favorite West at home in round 26 of the Premier League.
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