What Are the Effective Steps to Connect Canon ts3122 printer

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What Are the Effective Steps to Connect Canon ts3122 printer

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Are you wondering– How to connect Canon ts3122 printer to WiFi? This is one of the direct methods, and you can fix it by ensuring your printer is ON. After that, if you see the Green Light blinking, tap on the Stop button on the printer. Once the light is solid, you have to press and hold the printer's direct button for few seconds. Now, download and update all the drivers of the Printer. Run the Canon driver software on your computer. Once the process will start, click on the Start Setup and check the connection method on display. You will notice your printer and WiFi name appears before you. Click on the Yes button to establish a connection between the Canon ts3122 printer and WiFi.
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Re: What Are the Effective Steps to Connect Canon ts3122 printer

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