5 ways to build a relationship After being separated from...

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5 ways to build a relationship After being separated from...

Notapor Gina » Sab 27. Feb 2021, 06:49

5 ways to build a relationship After being separated from each other


Let's look with her one more time. Will hurt the same thing over and over Let it know Today I want to sing. Because I want to show my happiness to the girls Many people who have returned to the people we love that the girls have been waiting for, but many young people may be worried, right? Because of coming back together this time, it's definitely not like the last time. Even though still in love until they get back together again But there are still some feelings that are not 100 percent okay. Or rather thinking about how to make the relationship return this time. Popsicles have a good way. To maintain this relationship, let's leave each other.

1.sincere forgiveness
After any event Causing various problems Until the breakup happened At that time we might feel bad. Or unable to forgive him from that act Until the time passed we felt better. Until being able to get back together The best thing we can do to improve this relationship is 'sincere forgiveness' because no matter what we meet But for now we have decided to get back together. No matter how bad he is But we should respect him And respect your own decisions

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2.listen to some advice from other people
Do not be embarrassed to seek advice from others. Because sometimes we look at something close We may not be able to see anything clearly. So we might try to get advice from third parties, the friends and family around us, who have always seen our relationship. Then let's talk about what kind of things will help our relationship progress.

Another best way No matter what kind of relationship Our being the only speaker Whether speaking out of hope or concern It may make the other person think it is 'nagging.' Try to sit comfortably and let your partner speak out. Or whatever he wants to speak to us While there may be something he may have said a dozen times, don't interrupt or try to argue. Then try some alternation. This will be a real talk. Without arguing

Because we are just ordinary people That may make the wrong decision when we are in a bad mood or dissatisfied with something. How often we get angry and do things that shake our relationships. The best thing we can do to fix this incident is We have to know 'sorry' and have to realize that What we did wrong Without having to wait for the other party to speak Apologizing first doesn't necessarily mean losing. But it means love Prejudice is sometimes not suitable for love, believe it!

5.plan together
'Love is a matter of two people', it is true that if talking about love We still have both. Otherwise wouldn't decide to get back together. But maybe love alone is not enough. We may not just want to go to eat, watch a movie, or walk hand in hand like before, have the same problems and end the same. Perhaps we have to talk about the attitudes, feelings, and real needs of both sides. Girls will often hear the word 'find the middle' because it will be difficult to find a boyfriend with the same mindset. So we separated. Find something that both of us are OK and comfortable with so that there will be no problems like the last time.

Starting a relationship is not as difficult as maintaining one, so you should keep what you have. I miss when I really want to get it. Or when missing it Will make us conscious And sustain this relationship for longer Ice cream is a support for everyone. And meet again It won't be long, Bye.
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