Rejecting faulty new car


Rejecting faulty new car

Notapor albert12 » Mar 2. Mar 2021, 12:23

I'm a London taxi driver on the 5/1/19 I decided to buy the new LEVC TX (electric cab) from the dealer for 65K funded by Blackhorse Ltd,They Offered me the car in the showroom with extra warranty and 3 years service I accepted and asked me to pick up the car on 17/1/19 but the car wasn't ready then went the 18/1/19 they r loading new it was the weekend, when I returned on Monday 21/1/19, the car was ready to go, 4 hours.I drove home the next day I woke up in the morning to work with his new car I drove 3 miles, and then started the indicator light, sakanti that battery malfunction took the car back to the dealer and sin, then the car dealer in the garage and every day they came with a new story all about the software and modules today 30/1/19 give me a curtesy car, get back to work(I was out of work sins 5/1/19), but still they know nothing about it when my car you think I can reject the car and get compensated for the days that nedirbau.
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Re: Rejecting faulty new car

Notapor Black1Star7 » Mar 2. Mar 2021, 12:24

You would seem to have a reasonable case for rejecting the vehicle and even claiming damages for loss of earnings.
The legislation is The Supply of goods (implied Terms) Act 1973, and your claim is against the finance house
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Re: Rejecting faulty new car

Notapor EnerSpi » Mar 9. Mar 2021, 10:17

This happened due to poor care, delivery. next time you need to choose something. Merchant service delivery may force you to wait too long, or it will take you a lot of money, besides, in most cases they may deliver your vehicle with a broken system or some broken parts. I think you will be better off next time sending your car using a professional service delivery. I think this is by far the best option, and you can easily send your car through this service. They have some great deals for each customer and the ability to track the vehicle using the GPS service. Go see him, I'm sure he'll love you
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